RRWSL Deadlines Looming

A note from your League President:

  • August 26th – Need VERBAL commitment your team is coming back for the FALL 2012 season – that was yesterday.  If you haven’t registered your TEAM yet, please do so ASAP!
  • September 2nd – Last day to register (teams and players) for the first game
  • September 9th – First game

Go to our Registration page and follow the registration instructions for either TEAM or INDIVIDUAL registration.

One LAST thought – West Nile Virus is a very real, very dangerous disease. Please protect yourselves and BRING bug repellent as well as SPF to the fields.  I will try to have both at the RRWSL table daily should you forget.

We LOVE suggestions – so if you have them, please let us know. You can always email me (Robyn Hughes) at flack.hughes@gmail.com with any ideas or comments you may have.

Remember – THIS IS YOUR LEAGUE! It will only be as good as we (the collective) make it.

Robyn Hughes

(RRWSL President)

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  1. Sandra

     /  August 29, 2012

    Nice pic, Ms. Skinny Robyn… — Sandra

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