Notes from the Executive Committee

Dear RRWSL Ladies:

The board recently met and there are a few items to note:

  •  We are now taking nominations for the executive committee.  Nominations should be sent to Patti Russo ( no later than April 21st.  Ballots will be sent to the captains via email survey around April 30th with a close date of May 10th.   The incumbents are:
    • President – Robyn Hughes
    • Vice President – Kyle Keaty
    • SecretaryOpen
    • Treasurer – Faith Bushen
    • Sr. & O40 Commissioner – Cathy Bricker
    • Open Div II Commissioner – Cristina Legaretta
    • Open Div III CommissionerOpen
    • O30 8v8 Commissioner – Jessica Stockton
    • O30 7v7 Commissioner – Charn Nichols
  • The league will be hosting a BBQ event on May 5th and will provide hot dogs, rolls, condiments and chips from 12:30 – 4:00 as a league and referee appreciation.  Please feel free to bring items to share if you like.
  • Please note that the League has released a pregnancy waiver.  If you are pregnant and wish to continue to play, you MUST sign the waiver and have it notarized and return it to the board.  As a side note, our TSSAS insurance will cover a player, but NOT an unborn child in the event of an injury.  This waiver will also be posted on on the About Us > League Documents page.  PLAYER PREGNANCY AGREEMENT
  • Please remember ladies – NO JEWELRY OR SUNGLASSES (non-prescription) on the field.  This is for your own protection.  If you have NON REMOVABLE jewelry – it must be taped.  Referees WILL ask you to leave the field if they see jewelry.

Thank you for a great spring season.  We look forward to growing our league and to receiving your suggestions for making the league better!


Robin Hughes
RRWSL Board President

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