A Letter from the RRWSL President

Dear RRWSLers,

As we slowly wind down this fall season, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on soccer and why I play…

I was 40 years old before I played my first soccer game. My daughter played and the parents got to scrimmage them during their final practice. I was hooked.

I have no natural talent for the game… Some ladies pick up soccer and WOW… Just like that – they are good! Not me. After 10 years, I am a passable player at best. BUT, that is not why I play. Sure it’s great to win but the sense of belonging and the very cool people I’ve met playing soccer is what keeps me coming back. I’ve made some wonderful friends playing soccer. I get to run around outside and bonus! It counts as exercise!

I have played on teams that left me angry after every game. Still, I promised to play and faithfully came to game after game until the season was over. Then, after that season or session, I found a new team that brought the joy of playing back.

May I suggest to each and everyone of you that signed up to play… fulfill your promise to the captain. Show up or tell her when you won’t be there. If a team doesn’t suit you, you can change it next season. It’s just 8 games!

May I also suggest at we all play with joy? It makes for a wonderful feeling for everyone at plays with or against you. And please… Start thinking now if you’d like to run for the executive board. We need the time, talents and ideas of many to make the league work.

Thanks for being the cool soccer girls you are. I’ll be seeing you on the pitch.

— Robyn

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