11v11 OPEN – DIVISIONS 2 and 3

The traditional game of soccer: played with 11 players (including goalie), regulation size fields and goals, one referee and two linesmen to call the game, and all FIFA rules apply (www.fifa.com). Slide tackling is allowed. Skill levels are typically intermediate or advanced, although beginners are welcome and placed on teams throughout the division. The 11v11 Open requires that you be 18 years of age or older on the day of your first game.

8v8 OVER 30, OVER 40, and OVER 50 DIVISIONS

The 8 players vs. 8 players soccer game has a different flavor than the traditional game of 11v11. In the 8v8 (including goalie) there are smaller fields, but full size goals.  Fewer players means more running, the rules do not include calling off-sides, and there is no slide tackling allowed. As well, there is only one referee to call the game. Players with no experience and every level through advanced players are welcome to participate and are spread among the teams. The 8v8 Over 30 requires that you be 30 years of age or older on the day of your first game.


Throughout the year, RRWSL organizes open scrimmages. All women at any skill level and 18 years old and up are welcome to participate. Look for announcements on the Home page regarding scrimmage dates. Then just show up at the fields with a dark shirt and a white shirt; teams will be divided fairly just prior to playing.

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