Laws of the Game

Read the full Laws of the Game here.

Soccer Fouls! What are they??

Fouls and misconduct are penalized as follows:

Direct Kick Fouls

Indirect Kick Fouls

Kicks or attempts to kick opponent GK – more than 6 seconds while controlling ball with hands
Trips or attempts to trip opponent GK – handles ball again after releasing it and it has not touched another player
Jumps at an opponent GK – handles ball after DELIBERATELY passed to GK by teammate
Charges an opponent GK – handles ball directly after throw-in by teammate
Pushes an opponent Dangerous play
Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
red card  Violent Conduct (VC)
Impedes progress of an opponent
Tackles an opponent (contact before touching ball) Prevents GK from releasing ball
Holds an opponent Any other stop for caution or dismissal of player
Spits at an opponent or any other person
red card  Spitting (S)
Offside (Remember: being in an offside position is not a foul – only when you’re offside and you are involved in the play!)
Handles ball deliberately (“handles” means the area from the shoulder down)