Game Day Procedure
Referee Assignor

The Referee Assignor for the 2012-2013 season is Jack Russ.  If you are interested in becoming a referee with RRWSL, please contact Jack at

Referee Assignor Duties:

  • Maintain a list of eligible referees within assignor’s area.
  • Select and assign referees and assistant referees to all scheduled RRWSL matches and notify all parties of any change / cancellation of assignments.
  • Clearly understand and follow all RRWSL Rules as set forth in the RRWSL Constitution and Rules of Competition found on the RRWSL web site at and ensure all referees assigned also understand and follow them.
  • Communicate with the league.
  • Be physically present or designate an on-site back up assignor for all RRWSL matches / game days.
  • Provide feedback to the league referee liaison regarding referee reliability on assignments.
  • Continuously observe and mentor referees assigned to RRWSL matches.  As necessary, request additional referee mentoring from the local state assessor mentoring coordinator, which may include education assessments and evaluations of referees.

RRWSL reserves the right to review and/or terminate the contract at any time should the executive board agree the duties are not being adequately performed.

Referee Pay Scale

Center referees for 11v11 and 7v7 games will receive $40 per game.
Assistant referees for 11v11 games will receive $25 per game.