Individual Registration

Steps for Player Registration
  1. Start at the registration address:
  2. If you already have an account from last year – then login with your email address and password (see green button in upper left corner). If you need to reset your password, click the Reset Password link to the right of the login button. If that does not work, email to have your password reset.
  3. If you are new to the system, then register as a new account.
  4. After you have logged into the system, click Account Settings to confirm your account information; especially email address and phone. Click the Mobile Phone Settings and enable your cell phone number if you want to receive text alerts if there are rainouts or other league communications. Click DONE when complete with your account review.
  5. After you have registered for an account you can register as an individual player for a team.
  6. Select the Registrant (click the circle next to your name). Then click the REGISTER NOW button.
  7. Under the RRWSL Soccer Registration (2014-2015) , select your division (click the circle next to the division), then click the REGISTER NOW button.
  8. Select the option under “Select whether this is a registration for your PRIMARY team or your Multiple-team registration” that applies (Primary or multiple-team player fee structure). The red asterisk means you must answer this question.
    If this is your primary team – or first registration as a player for the season, click the drop down box and select Add for Primary Team Registration. Note: If you are already registered in RRWSL or AWSL, you are considered a multiplayer and must list your PRIMARY team that you are already registered for.
  9. Under Team select your team you are registering for or unassigned if you’re not sure. The red asterisk means you must answer this question.
  10. Add any comment if needed.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Click the I AGREE to the consent form. YOU MUST AGREE to complete the registration process.
  13. If you are done with the registration, click the CHECKOUT button. If you are registering for another team, click the REGISTER button and repeat (go back to step 6).
  14. If you are a captain or volunteer, go back and apply/register as a volunteer. Note that there is no fee for this, but it will show up in your shopping cart. Don’t forget to CHECKOUT and PAY (preferably with check or debit card). ALL CHECKS must be received before a player card will be released.

Additional Steps for New Players:  After registering following the instructions above, you must also provide the following items to have your player card made by our Registrar.

  1. Email a copy of your Drivers License (this is how we verify your age) and
  2. Email a photo of yourself to use on your player card.  If you prefer to use your Drivers License photo, indicate this in your email.
  3. You can upload a picture to the registration system. However, you still must email proof of age (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate) to Frieda.

Send these items to our Registrar, Frieda Stockton, at  Items must be received by 8:00 pm Thursday in order to be eligible for play the coming Sunday.