Team Registration (Captains Only)

Captains, we have created a separate web link to register your teams.  The URL is:

Captains, to register your team:

  1. You must create a new account. This system is separate from the individual player system.  However, you can use the same ID and Password if you like.
  2. Log into the system.
  3. Click on REGISTER NOW button.
  4. Under Registrants, either click the circle next to your team name or click on NEW TEAM.
  5. Enter your team name under General Information and click Save.
  6. If this is a NEW TEAM, enter your team name under General Information and answer the * questions. Other questions are optional. Click Save.
  7. Select the circle next to your team name and click REGISTER NOW.
  8. Select the Division you are registering your team under and click REGISTER NOW.
  9. Answer any Team Registration information as appropriate and click CONTINUE.
    It might seem redundant, but …..
  10. Read the Consent form and click CONTINUE if you agree.
  11. Click the CHECKOUT button under SHOPPING CART.
  12. Add your players to the roster. If you exceed the limit, contact Kyle ( Note, you are registered as the coach. Revise your roster as appropriate. You must have “1” name as a player as a minimum. Some of the names might be a carry-over from the summer league. You can drop these names to simplify the roster.
    (Note: you can makeup names/birthdates if you need to initially. We will NOT be using this information for the rosters this fall.)
  13. Click CONTINUE after adding the minimum number of names. (You can drop names later)
  14. You can either CHECKOUT (and finish the registration) or register another team.
  15. Click CHECKOUT. Pay by either Credit Card or by Check. To pay by check, you MUST enter the CHECK #.
  16. Review and place your order. Click PLACE ORDER. If paying by check, please include your team name on your order. Note: Make sure you get a confirmation number – this ensures the registration has completed!